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Integrative Oncology

Study online alongside your job and finish with a Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Happy students watching study webinar
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At a glance - Study Setting


Part-time Postgraduate Course

"Integrative Oncology"

Degree / Credits Master of Science (60 ECTS)
Form / Duration Online course / 3 semester

01.10.2024 | Online Week: 14.-18.10.2024 

Target Group Healthcare professionals with first university degree, e.g. in medicin, psychology, pharmaceutics, nutrition, sport, health and nursing science, occipational or physical therapy.
Admission Requirements
  • First university degree in the field of medicine or health sciences
  • At least 1 year professional experience

Applications via our Online-Platform are possible from June 2024. 
Deadline for applications is 15.09.2024.

Interested can contact us in advance via mail: master-integrative-onkologie@uni-jena.de

  • Approx. every 3 weeks synchronous online seminars 
  • Approx. 10 hours of workload per week (time flexible)
  • 2 exams per semester (digital)
Costs 4.300,-€ / semester plus semester fee
Important Documents

For legal reasons, the documents of the study program "Studienordnung" and "Prüfungsordnung" are only available in German, but we can recommend the program DeepL for translation into any language. For further questions, please contact the program coordination.


Please note that our master's degree does not qualify students to practice medicine in Germany.

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Why Integrative Oncology?
"Integrative Oncology is the best from the world of evidence: evidence based treatments, psychooncology, nutrition, sport and complementary medicine. It's the answert to the most common question from patients: What can I do by myself?"
Prof. Dr. med. Jutta Hübner | Head of study program
Cancer research
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What can you expect from our program?

Integrative Oncology is an umbrella term whose contents are defined very differently worldwide. Often it is mentioned together with terms like complementary and alternative medicine, empirical medicine or evidence based medicine. This conceptual chaos can be confusing – not only for lay people. What can you expect in our study program?

The concept of the part-time masters “Integrative Oncology” at the Friedrich-Schiller University and University Hospital Jena is based on a modern, patient-oriented and scientific-based understanding of Integrative Oncology. It is not about an alternative therapy (instead of evidence-based medicine) but about an evidence-based addition (complementary to evidence-based treatment, chosen on the basis of scientific standards). It doesn’t aim directly at tumor treatment but can support it, reduce side effects and increase therapy compatibility – in short terms: it increases quality of life.

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The program teaches evidence based knowledge and skills in the field of Integrative Oncology with a special focus on communication skills. People with cancer often have high demands on physicians and bring their own beliefs about the effectiveness of treatments, which often do not align with evidence, into the treatment setting. Communicating with patients in this setting poses a challenge for professionals and will be trained in the program with a variety of case studies. In addition, research findings on the relationship between treatment providers and treatment recipients with regard to Integrative Oncology will be discussed.

Our students ...

  • ... will discuss interdisciplinary and critically about complementary medicine, nutrition and exercise in the field of oncology.
  • ... will get to know challenges and chances of interdisciplinary work in oncology.
  • ... will practice to communicate in a lay setting and based on a cost-risk analysis of interventions.

Do you have questions? Please contact us!

Program Coordination
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Sarah Salomo
M.Sc. Sarah Salomo
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Program Coordination
Research Fellow
Helena Pagiatakis
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